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Buried In Blue Clay L.L. Soares

Buried In Blue Clay L.L. Soares




Buried in Blue Clay

by L.L. Soares

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HELL is a beach of eerie blue clay.

BLUE CLAY, MASSACHUSETTS is a city of 100,000, with more than its share of mysteries and urban legends – many of which are true.

REDDY SOAMES left when he was a kid and swore to never go back, but here he is, at the end of his rope, gathering stories for a book about Blue Clay’s legends. It’s his last chance to get things right.

HEK is a charismatic figure who will lift the veil and show Reddy the Blue Clay no one else sees. Reddy will be drawn into his orbit, and witness things nightmares are made of.

WHO will survive and who will be BURIED IN BLUE CLAY?



“In BURIED IN BLUE CLAY, L. L. Soares manipulates us with terror, suspense, humor, and an inborn storytelling instinct that is always unpredictable. This is a fun, chilling read that arrives just in time for summer. Soares is damned good! I wish I’d started reading him a lot sooner, but I intend to read everything he writes from now on.”

"In BURIED IN BLUE CLAY, L.L. Soares takes you on a dark David Lynchian journey through a world of twisted sexuality and terrifying Lovecraftian monsters. He draws you in with the story of a writer returning to his roots (you can NEVER go home again!), and then he twists the knife, filling the pages with blood, creatures, and sex magick. Like a cross between David Lynch and H.P. Lovecraft, this very adult horror novel will chill you until the final, shocking revelations. I hope we return soon to the city of Blue Clay!"
—William D. Carl, author of OUT OF THE WOODS

"BURIED IN BLUE CLAY is a fun read with good writing and an original story line. I can highly recommend it."
—R. Patrick Gates, author of GRIMM MEMORIALS and SAVAGE

“Buried in Blue Clay is a downward spiral into the depths of hallucinogenic horror. It’s fantastically grotesque and shot through with oddball characters and nightmare twists that stick with you long after the last page. L.L. Soares has crafted a modern weird tale that would make old masters like H.P. Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith proud. Highly recommended.”
—Brad Carter, author of (dis)COMFORT FOOD and ONLY THINGS

"Fans of Lovecraftian horror will love this creepy thrill ride. Soares packs his latest novel with characters that are as mysterious as the creatures in Blue Clay. This is a side of coastal New England you've never seen it before."
—Tom Deady, Award Winning Author of HAVEN and ETERNAL DARKNESS

“L.L. Soares has delivered a bizarre, fascinating, squirmy and sex-filled romp!”
— Jeff Strand, author of WOLF HUNT




















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Buried in Blue Clay

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